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Friday, December 26, 2008

Would-be robbers 'overly prepared'

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Herman Sakaria, a Whangaparaoa-based security guard was heading home when he saw two youths covering their car plates, then put clear plastic bags over their faces, and socks over their shoes, before running into the Bay View Store in Stanmore Bay armed with steak knives.

Sakaria parked behind their vehicle and approached the dairy, where one of them remained at the entrance while the other demanded cash. But the male owner repelled the attacker and chased both youths out of his store, where Sakaria intercepted them.

The Korean couple who owns the store came out after the youths, with the woman hitting them with a flyswat. By sheer coincidence the mother of one of the youths turned up.

Rodney police are applauding Sakaria’s quick thinking and actions. The youths were to appear in the North Shore District Court charged with assault with intent to rob, carrying a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.


$50,000 bribe offered over $3.80 ticket

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Jehoiachin Onyins Ogbe, 25, an international student, offered police $50,000 to "forget what happened" when he was caught on a Brisbane train without a ticket, which would have cost just $3.80. He ended up on bribery charges. In addition, he was also found to have overstayed a student visa and will also be deported from the country after a six-month jail sentence.


'Robber' reports bank heist

From The Herald News -

Police say John A. Pighee Jr., 58, was unhappy with the service he received at a Bank of America branch. So he picked up his cell phone, called police and reported a robbery at the bank while he was there.

"As odd as it sounds, we took a bank robbery (call) from the bank robber," Lt. Ken Teppel said. Teppel said the man had attempted withdrawing some money that the bank had a hold on. When the bank wouldn't release the funds, "he stated he was going to shut the bank down."

After talking by phone with the branch's employees from the parking lot, police determined the bank was not, in fact, being robbed. They promptly entered the building and arrested Pighee.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

First Video of the Japanese Vending Machine Dress Transforming

Here is a link to video of a Japanese dress that transforms itself into a vending machine, ostensibly to help the female wearer to escape from street assailants - Video.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't Call Tech Support

From Slashdot -

Timothy Short must have thought he'd hit the mother-lode when he stole a PC and a Digimarc printer from the Missouri Department of Revenue, perhaps with dreams of cranking out thousands of fake ids. Problem was he could not unlock the computer he stole and without the necessary drivers, he couldn't use the printer. Ever resourceful, Short called Digimarc tech support a couple of days later, which brought him to the attention of a Secret Service agent, who recognized his voice from a recording of the calls.

Short now faces a $250,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thief manages to lift about 350 bras

From Dave's Daily -

Wed Sep 26, 4:07 PM ET

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - A thief slipped off with hundreds of bras from a Victoria's Secret store in broad daylight. Police say they're taking a close look at how the thief managed to take off with about 350 bras while the store was open. The anti-theft tags hooked on the bras did not trigger a store alarm.

The theft was also not captured by surveillance cameras. Police suspect the items may be resold, and are monitoring Internet auction sites.

The bras are worth an estimated $15,000.


The Making of the Erbert and Gerbert Commercial


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